Hello, I’m Clement. I’ve worked as a User Experience Designer, Project Manager, and Gamification consultant.

I wrote a book about Gamification.

I’m the author of “La gamification”, a book about how to use game mechanics to engage apps and websites’ users.

Project Manager at InsideBoard

InsideBoard is an AI powered platform for Digital Change Management. As a Success Project Manager, I help our clients understand their employees’ need in order to make their strategic transformation projects a success.

Clients: Crédit Agricole, PwC, Deloitte, VO2 Group, Stellantis

Some projects, I’m proud of…

Phileas Miles by Phileas World

Phileas Miles is a program that provides motivational support for students to learn english language. By completing assignments, students unlock privileges and rewards.  

ESSEC Augmented Digital Campus

ESSEC Business School launched its first fully online program in September 2018. The aim of the Augmented Digital Campus was to take the best of what ESSEC offers on its physical campus and to bring it anywhere, anytime, and on any digital device. One of the main challenges was to create an online learning community built around high value exchanges between students, professors, experts, and coaches.


Ignilife is a health&wellness coaching application that helps individuals to take care of their health and lifestyle. Used by insurance companies and large corporations, the back-office allows to monitor population health programs and take impactful actions.


TV TIME is the world’s largest tracking tool for TV and movies. I helped to build the gamification concept.

Contact me

Email me at clement.muletier@gmail.com

Call me at +33 6 45 12 44 78